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The world post-Covid19: redeemed or demolished?





The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the course of our habits. In a few months, the norms have changed and new rules were established to ensure our well being. For what cost? Where are we heading to? What should our next move be to reestablish communication and social interaction?

The question that has been left unanswered; is this pandemic a call for leaders to change the course of action towards our environment and the welfare of all humanity or is it just another opportunity for countries to establish their authority?

Some nations are becoming sceptical about the post-cold war order of globalized markets and free trade, Italy is angry with the EU for not helping it enough during the early days of the pandemic, Serbia looked to China in the east for its aid and the US…. well, we know how that went down. The US decided to withdraw from the World Health Organization arguing that it’s too much under the Chinese influence.

As you may already know, most nations are looking to manufacture more in their territories rather than keeping it for low-wage labourers overseas. If Biden wins he might rebuild the US image as a world leader back to when it was before Trump. If Trump wins a second presidency that means more disengagement from worldwide affairs as the US guarantees its own energy’s sufficiency and we may see then China sneaking up and increasing its support and influence on international organizations with the United Nations being the big prize to win over.

But how about us now as individuals rather than nations you may ask. Well according to the IMF and World Bank, the worst case scenario may increase worldwide poverty to an unprecedented level. In fact, statistics have shown that at least a billion people would live in extreme poverty for such a scenario.

You, while reading this article, may be frightened by the numbers reported by worldwide institutions, but you may find it reassuring knowing that most of the economic fallout will affect South and East Asia as well as Subsaharan Africa. In Tunisia, numbers predict that the economic fallout will be serious but not as damaging as in low-cost manufacturing countries. But don’t think that we’re in the safe zone, if the exponential graph of positive cases keeps rising, our economy won’t be able to rebound. Thus, a disastrous outcome is waiting for low income families and small businesses.

People may neglect the usual health procedures later when the pandemic recedes. However, universities and workplaces are already looking forward to invest more on online courses and remote jobs meaning you can study or work while watching your favourite series in the safety of your home.

Well, whatever path the world is heading to, we can all agree that this year will be engraved in our memories for decades to come, and surely, this pandemic will be the start of a new era and the end of another one. This pandemic will reshape the world as we know it, for better or worse, that is another topic.

Stay safe and respect the sanitary precautions.

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Actualités : La fierté de l’INSAT.






L’étudiante Nour Karoui et le projet remportent le premier prix du challenge « Digital Tunisia Days » à Dubai Expo 2020.

Nour Karoui, étudiante en GL5 à l’INSAT, a remporté le premier prix du challenge « Digital Tunisia Days » dans la catégorie « étudiants » avec le projet Le challenge s’est déroulé à Dubai du 7 au 9 décembre lors du Dubai Expo 2020. Nour Karoui a été choisie par l’INSAT pour représenter son institut et participer avec son projet dans ce challenge.

« Notre projet webipie, est une plateforme de création de portfolio qui permet un déploiement automatique vu que le design est déjà prêt et le client n’a qu’à ajouter juste ses compétences et les projets sur lesquels il a travaillé… », a-t-elle précisé.

La plateforme, lancée en 10 octobre 2021, permet aux ingénieurs de créer et déployer un site web portfolio gratuitement. Selon les concepteurs du projet, ceci permet de bien représenter son profil et de décrocher son job de rêve.

Depuis son lancement, la plateforme compte plus que 200 utilisateurs. « Nous envisageons d’intégrer d’autres métiers et rendre ce service payant dans un second temps », a affirmé Nour.

Le projet a été réalisé par 4 autres Insatiens: Jawher Bouhouch, Alaeddine Abdessalem, Mohamed Amine Hamrouni et Mohamed Ali Sahnoun.

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