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Are your fears truly yours?





Aren’t we all afraid of something? Maybe from heights or spiders or the dark.
Most of us think that we have developed those fears because of an unpleasant experience with something at some given point in our lives, but have you ever thought that we may have inherited those fears from our ancestors?

The idea that fears aren’t just learned, but they could be passed down to us genetically, isn’t a new concept to the scientific community.
Almost 150 years ago, Charles Darwin realized that his toddler was afraid of large zoo animals regardless of never being hurt nor having an unpleasant experience with these creatures.
Darwin noted that many children’s fears have nothing to do with their experiences, so they had to be inherited and they were most likely related to real dangers in our evolutionary past.
This sounds like a far-fetched idea, like how are humans able to inherit something as abstract as fears?

Somehow, a fearful experience which one of our ancestors lived in the past has altered the DNA of some genes, but it didn’t damage the gene. Instead, it changed the chemical « switch » that can turn a gene on or off or influence how active a gene is.

These changes in the genetic information could be transmitted via sperm cells causing sensitivities and fears encoded deep in our DNA, which results in a revolutionary mutation called the « genetic memory ».

Such change could be useful in helping kids avoid trouble without having to endure trauma or a dangerous situation, thus DNA that « learns » from its ancestors offers a unique biological weapon to the offspring.

Regardless of such benefits, do we really need this genetic memory as adults?
Are the fears hindering our daily lives really important to the survival of mature humans?
Are we living in a box of fears that aren’t truly ours?
And are we held captive to a lineage of inherited traumas which we can’t escape?

Many questions need to be answered following this shocking discovery, but most importantly, we need to surpass our fears, as most of them are transmitted to us and not our own, and break this chain of unexplained phobias.

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This April, CSI ENSI is pleased to finally announce its most popular and challenging event, HACKZONE, back in its 10th edition for cybersecurity enthusiasts and onlookers from all over the world. After many challenging editions that have met expectations, CSI ENSI promises you this year’s off-the-charts edition that will be even more challenging than usual.

CSI ENSI is a cybersecurity community within ENSI that aims to foster awareness of dangerous security threats.

Believing that the measures needed to safeguard your data are no longer based on simple firewalls and antivirus software.

For those who are not yet familiar with Hackzone, it is a 24-hour event that brings together a set of workshops led by professionals and experts to delve into cyber security matters. The programme features a Conference that covers the latest in cyber security and emerging trends sweeping the world, covering a wide range of technical, structural and legislative concerns. 

Throughout the night, participants will be competing and assessing their cybersecurity skills and techniques in our famous competition: Capture The Flag.

In addition, participants and non-participants will enjoy other entertainment activities and games throughout the night.

The winners of our CTF competition will be announced on the second day after the end competition.

Do not miss your chance to join us on the 16th and 17th of April, 2022 and show us what you’re capable of.



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