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À vos plumes

A feeling you can’t deny





Love may be the prize or just the price.
Something you find at the end of the road,
or something you need to sacrifice to catch another ride.
So love may be the aim or just an escapade.
Yet, love is never that unperceived guest.
It comes and makes you forget how to live without it,
It walks in to flip everything upside down.
to make you unable to grasp what hit you for a while:
Your mind will get twisted as if you had just finished a whole bottle of wine
Everything will look like a disastrous scene after a hurricane,
Nothing in order, nothing in place…

When the hurricane shifts to make landfall
When the waves get high and the water gets rough
and it keeps raining incessantly while everything is falling apart,
You can either resist and hold on to stay on the shore
or let go and get driven away by the flow.
Then you will either die or be reborn,
get a new start or just meet your doom.
You can never know what’s waiting on the other side unless you jump.
But what will make someone so reckless to jump in such a pitfall?
Is it just curiosity, vanity or can life be so unbearable
that death can no longer make one fearful?

To my mind, what’s scarier than death itself,
is dying on your own.
No one wants to die alone, after all,
It’s just that not anyone can push that sickening feeling of loneliness away.
It takes someone that makes you feel special and loves you unconditionally.
Someone who will never let you down,
who will love you at all costs, at your best and your worst.
Someone who can make you laugh at your lowest
and pushes you till you reach your limits.
Someone you can’t help but think about them all the time
whose sight makes your eyes shine like a million burning stars.
Someone that will make you so happy like you’ve never been before,
even in the midst of a raging storm…

Love has always been the happy ending of every fairytale,
a beautiful far-off daydream that’s hard to reach in the everyday grind.
Yet it may simply be an illusion, a source of confusion,
a fantasy that’s being commercially capitalized and used to poison our minds.
Love, is it that sweet guest that comes and changes everything for the best?
We all want to be somebody to someone else
as the only happiness is to love and be loved.
But how far will one go for the sake of this quest for love?
Maybe will it cost more than one can ever afford
As you might lose yourself in the pursuit of it….

However, once you lose yourself, no one else will ever succeed at making you feel whole or found or home.
We all crave love at times, when this epic world wonders, which we all ponder.
How can something be so breath-taking and reviving at once!

Love makes you wish upon every falling star,
it makes you believe that flying is possible and that the sky can’t be the limit
Love is that indescribable muse you can never define,
However, when in its blissful abyss, you can tell.

Sometimes, you can love so fiercely that you lose yourself.
Try so hard to please someone that you can no longer recognize yourself.
Love isn’t meant to be painful,
it isn’t about doing your hardest
it isn’t about following someone else’s path…
True love is about putting someone above you only because you know they’d do the same too.
True love is an evasion from the world’s brutality,
it shouldn’t be ruth itself.
Instead, lose yourself in art, in the haze of new horizons,
in the stories, and the lessons, it has to teach you.
But never lose yourself in the pursuit of love.
Never lose yourself to gain someone else.

As long as the sun burns in the sky
And the moon casts its light in the dark of the night
Never lose hope…
Life may be cruel
But don’t close your heart
Miracles happen in the least expected times.
Beware but don’t keep your guards too high
As guards won’t keep you from getting hurt, but from living your life.

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weekly stories

Chapter 6 : Rwanda, the Rwandan Genocide.






 This is a journey unlike any other, offering a rare glimpse into a dark period of time.

The wanderer was suddenly transported to an unfamiliar place. He looked around with a sense of bewilderment, trying to grasp a detail, something he could recognize, but nothing seemed to click. He was in a dense forest surrounded by hills. The air was thick and humid, filled with the scent of exotic plants and damp earth. The sounds of birds singing, leaves rustling, and towering trees swaying in the breeze all blended together to create a symphony of harmonious sounds across the wilderness.

The forest was alive and vibrant, and the wanderer was struck by its beauty and serenity.

Despite his earlier confusion and fear, a wave of enthusiasm swept over his body at the thought of having a new mission of discovery and uncovering the mysteries of this new place.

The wanderer was bursting with curiosity and a fascination for exploration like ever. He hankered after adventure and was always eager to take on new experiences.

And so he sat off into the unknown. The sun had set and darkness had fallen, his steps now became slower as he walked through the dark terrains of the forest. The cool air was refreshing against his skin, and the sounds of the night were a comforting presence .

When he reached the top of the hill, he paused to catch his breath and take in the stunning view before him. The city below was illuminated by thousands of twinkling lights, resembling bright stars in a dark sky. As the night progressed, new lights continued to evolve and their soft glow contrasted beautifully with the starry sky overhead which was the cherry on top.

The refreshing soft breeze and the sounds of crickets humming added a sense of peacefulness to this magical atmosphere.

That night’s scene was indeed a sensory feast and the wanderer said under his breath:” I must be very lucky to witness nature, in all its splendor and glory.”

He then started to look around for a place to sleep. He found a comfortable spot between a few rocks, sheltered from the wind but still has a good view. He laid down, gazing up at the sky and feeling blissful. At last, he was drifting off into Dreamland, embraced by the warmth of nature and surrounded by its beauty.

Hours had passed and the world was slowly waking up from its slumber as the sun rose above the realms of horizon, indicating the beginning of a new day. The wanderer, however, remained in a deep sleep.

The sunlight brushed against his face. Singing birds woke him up, and he felt like he had slept better than ever before. He stretched his arms in contentment, and as he stood up, he was rewarded with breathtaking sights.

The sky was crystal clear and streaked with bright white clouds. The hills stretched out in a wide arc along the horizon with their greenery slopes and vivid wildflowers. And under the influence of the sunlight, trees, plants and grasses were all shimmering. The sound of humming was everywhere, all was fluttering and flying, with new smells and new hues, the wanderer was evidently in a state of sensual intoxication.

That scene was like a masterpiece that came to life from a painter’s canvas.

As he was contemplating the landscapes, he sensed a familiarity from this place ,which he could not recognize at first, and wasn’t quite sure why.

Suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, he realized he was in Rwanda, the Central African jem. The hills, forests and exotic smells – it all made sense in his mind now.

This small country located in the heart of Africa and known as the « land of a thousand hills » for its captivating mountainous terrains. The wanderer really felt as if he was in a dream. But soon he realized that this was not a dream, but the beauty and wonder of Rwanda as it truly is.

For a long moment, the wanderer simply sat on top of the hill, taking in the beauty of Rwanda and feeling grateful for this opportunity to visit it because he had always longed for learning more about its culture and history.

He closed his eyes, inhaled deeply and fresh air filled his lungs. He was overwhelmed by a sense of refreshment and vitality, as if nothing could disturb this pleasure.

Suddenly, a burst of screaming sounds was heard faintly from down the village. The wanderer was confused as to what could be the reason for this commotion. And so, he decided to get down to the nearby village down the hills and discover for himself.

As he was stumbling his way through the forest, heart pounding fast in his chest, feeling uneasy and not knowing what he was going to witness, he tripped over some tree roots and almost fell but he contained himself so as not to be heard.

Finally he reached a part of town that was empty and lifeless. Gloominess hung over it like a dark cloud. It was a haunting and eerie sight at once.

A sense of fear started to well up inside him, as he realized that he was completely alone in this place. He looked around trying to find any proof of what was happening and he saw a house with a wide open door. He entered slowly, with glazed eyes, scanning everything surrounding him until he saw a calendar hung on the wall and he stopped abruptly.

But as he was reading the date, he stood speechless, his eyes grew bigger and an expression of fear was drawn all over his face. It was “1 April 1994”, an indelible date in the history of Rwanda.

It marked the beginning of the Rwandan genocide, a mass slaughter and one of the most horrific acts of violence in recent times. Over a period of 100 days, from April to July 1994, an estimated 800,000 people from the Tutsi ethnic group, as well as moderate Hutus, were massacred by Hutu militia groups.

The wanderer realized with growing horror that this tragic event was happening right at that moment.

And in a trice, a loud scream shattered the silence of the place, it felt as if it was from just outside the house. A brick of panic and uncertainty lodged in his gut. He didn’t know what to do next but curiosity overcame him and decided to take a look.

He went out but found nothing. He continued walking cautiously between trees to avoid being seen.

Soon, a repugnant sight was presented before his eyes.

There was a woman lying on the ground, her face was bloody and her arms clenched to her baby. A few feet from her, there was a man, completely covered in blood and his features were unrecognizable. These unfortunate souls seemed to be once a family…and now they were gone.

The wanderer had a terrible sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach and felt as if a million volts surged through his body. No other sight provoked such a visceral reaction.

He walked away, eventually, having seen enough, while the wails of distressed people and children rang through the air.

A real tragic story was being played out in the streets of Rwanda not like a fairytale.

In that moment, the wanderer felt desperate to stop this increasing madness that was tearing Rwanda apart. He wanted to put an end to this violence and hatred. He wanted to yell, to scream and to cry out against it all.

Yet again, it was much bigger than what he could offer. He couldn’t help everyone, could he? Plus, the tragedy has already started happening.

Ultimately, he realized that he can’t change the course of history and it was destined to be.

He knew that Rwanda will emerge as a resilient nation despite all the challenges it has faced and won’t turn the page to this tragedy but rather turn the tide to its growth and flourishment to ensure a better future for its citizens.

Remembering the Rwandan Genocide is important for acknowledging the victims and survivors of this devastating event, and for ensuring that such atrocities never occur again. It serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of hatred and division.

Rwanda, nowadays, is one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa and has been acknowledged for its hard work and innovative strategies to catalyze positive change.

The wanderer learned from this journey that even in the midst of such darkness, there is always hope for a brighter future to arise.

He already had an inkling that this might be an experience of a lifetime and a story to be shared for all times. Undoubtedly, Rwanda will hold a precious place in his heart.

And so the wanderer sat off to a new journey, filled with a sense of gratitude at the infinite adventures that lie ahead and convinced that there are plenty of great things to unravel.

Written By : Chams Daghsni.

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