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À vos plumes

A feeling you can’t deny





Love may be the prize or just the price.
Something you find at the end of the road,
or something you need to sacrifice to catch another ride.
So love may be the aim or just an escapade.
Yet, love is never that unperceived guest.
It comes and makes you forget how to live without it,
It walks in to flip everything upside down.
to make you unable to grasp what hit you for a while:
Your mind will get twisted as if you had just finished a whole bottle of wine
Everything will look like a disastrous scene after a hurricane,
Nothing in order, nothing in place…

When the hurricane shifts to make landfall
When the waves get high and the water gets rough
and it keeps raining incessantly while everything is falling apart,
You can either resist and hold on to stay on the shore
or let go and get driven away by the flow.
Then you will either die or be reborn,
get a new start or just meet your doom.
You can never know what’s waiting on the other side unless you jump.
But what will make someone so reckless to jump in such a pitfall?
Is it just curiosity, vanity or can life be so unbearable
that death can no longer make one fearful?

To my mind, what’s scarier than death itself,
is dying on your own.
No one wants to die alone, after all,
It’s just that not anyone can push that sickening feeling of loneliness away.
It takes someone that makes you feel special and loves you unconditionally.
Someone who will never let you down,
who will love you at all costs, at your best and your worst.
Someone who can make you laugh at your lowest
and pushes you till you reach your limits.
Someone you can’t help but think about them all the time
whose sight makes your eyes shine like a million burning stars.
Someone that will make you so happy like you’ve never been before,
even in the midst of a raging storm…

Love has always been the happy ending of every fairytale,
a beautiful far-off daydream that’s hard to reach in the everyday grind.
Yet it may simply be an illusion, a source of confusion,
a fantasy that’s being commercially capitalized and used to poison our minds.
Love, is it that sweet guest that comes and changes everything for the best?
We all want to be somebody to someone else
as the only happiness is to love and be loved.
But how far will one go for the sake of this quest for love?
Maybe will it cost more than one can ever afford
As you might lose yourself in the pursuit of it….

However, once you lose yourself, no one else will ever succeed at making you feel whole or found or home.
We all crave love at times, when this epic world wonders, which we all ponder.
How can something be so breath-taking and reviving at once!

Love makes you wish upon every falling star,
it makes you believe that flying is possible and that the sky can’t be the limit
Love is that indescribable muse you can never define,
However, when in its blissful abyss, you can tell.

Sometimes, you can love so fiercely that you lose yourself.
Try so hard to please someone that you can no longer recognize yourself.
Love isn’t meant to be painful,
it isn’t about doing your hardest
it isn’t about following someone else’s path…
True love is about putting someone above you only because you know they’d do the same too.
True love is an evasion from the world’s brutality,
it shouldn’t be ruth itself.
Instead, lose yourself in art, in the haze of new horizons,
in the stories, and the lessons, it has to teach you.
But never lose yourself in the pursuit of love.
Never lose yourself to gain someone else.

As long as the sun burns in the sky
And the moon casts its light in the dark of the night
Never lose hope…
Life may be cruel
But don’t close your heart
Miracles happen in the least expected times.
Beware but don’t keep your guards too high
As guards won’t keep you from getting hurt, but from living your life.

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À vos plumes

Ghosts in the Mirror






Deep down the mysterious continent of Asia, laden with centuries upon centuries of legends and stories to tell, lies the land of a thousand dynasties, China. The people of this land are known most for their vast seas of wisdom and spirituality. Their eyes look through the physical and value beauty on the purity of the soul and the mind, as we are going to see in the tears falling from the eyes of Zhong Kui, the King of Ghosts.

Bright minds are the spark of civilization yet no mind can shine brighter than Zhong Kui’s:

The hero of this story was a true genius, had the highest grades in his class, was the favorite of all his teachers, and was the teacher of all his classmates. A man of such talents deserves no less than the highest of honors and positions, and so was his thinking. Zhong Kui chose to apply for the imperial examination, to become an advisor of the king and do his part in the rising of his empire.

People in the imperial palace were astonished by Zhong’s brilliant answers and immediately invited him to assume his new position. The emperor, a pretentious man, all too pompous for the common folk was the type of man that wishes everything to be perfect and all too beautiful. He sat on his golden throne wearing the finest of his silk robes and a crown made of pure jade was resting on his head, waiting for our hero’s presence.

Zhong Kui finally arrived at the doors of the palace and presented himself to the guards who allowed his immediate entry. He could not be happier, but all of his joy sunk to the depths of the earth when he entered the emperor’s courtroom. The king gave the highest shriek when helaid his eyes on Zhong. He felt pure disgust as he looked upon our genius’ misshapen eyes and overgrown ears. He almost puked as he looked at our prodigy’s ragged clothes and dirty hair, and immediately expelled him from the palace vowing to never let something so horrendous sit on his imperial tables.

Zhong Kui wept his eyes dry as he left the presence of the emperor and walked with what he thought was shame until he reached the huge metal doors of the palace. Before leaving, he looked at his reflection on those doors and felt so much anger for the world that birthed him in such a fashion, and with so much rage and sadness building in his heart, he struck his head on the door, once, twice, and thrice, until his blood splattered all over it, and he kept beating on his brow until he fell on the ground dead, another victim of suicide.

Fortunately, his story does not end with his untimely death. As his soul traveled to the underground, it caught the eye of the King of Hell and fascinated by its purity, and sensing the talents of the new arrival. He knew that Zhong Kui was way too special to waste.

He honored him with a greater title than he could ever wish for in the emperor’s palace. He named him King of Ghosts and Hunter of Demons. Zhong was delighted and vowed to do right by his new duty, protecting all humans, including the emperor that caused him nothing but depression.

With plenty to take from between the lines of this tale, we can start with the fact that words are as sharp as swords and they can shred a soul to bits leaving a person broken, never to be repaired. There is no ugly, or hideous, there is only different. 

There are no two humans on this earth that look alike and that’s what makes being human beautiful. It’s okay to have features unlike those you see in the media and pictures of models, for those features are you and nothing is as pretty as your love for yourself. Beauty too can come in so many forms, and to the forces of nature, illustrated in this story by the King of Hell and God of Death, the most natural of all forces, nothing is more important than the beauty of your mind.

Superficiality is killed when the eyes are closed to let the ears hear the magnificent words coming out of your mouth, to understand the purity of your golden ideas, and to feel the true essence of what truly is you beneath the shell that might or might not be attractive by the common definition.

To wrap up the story of a prodigy and his unjust end, I advise each and every one of you to stand in front of a mirror and say that you are beautiful because if you accept it, no sword can scathe your soul. And you are not just beautiful because of what you look like, you are beautiful because of what you feel, because of what you think about when you steer away with your thoughts in public, you are beautiful because of what you love and what you cherish, because of the art that leaks like rainbows from your mind and most importantly, you are beautiful because you wake up and live every day to the fullest despite what the poison you hear from the people in your life.

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