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Hult Prize at Faculty Of Science Of Sfax





« Leading a generation to change the world »

That is what you will first read when opening the about section of the Hult Prize website. To that extent Hult Prize at Faculty Of Science Of Sfax is a leading exemple. In fact the student organization is hosting an on campus program that spans from the21 of september to the 17 of decemberconsisting of training sessions and mini-hackathons, all in order to educate the participants in the ethics of Hult Prize.

Hult Prize is the most prestegious international competition that prompts students to solve the world’s most critical issues through social entrepreneurship. Established in 2009 by Ahmad Ashkar, a then student at Hult International Business School, Hult Prize has since been a leading exemple of  a start-up accelerator for social good, being recognized in 2012 by President Bill Clinton and Time Magazine as one of the top five ideas changing the world. Many leading organizations have been partnering and sponsoring the famed competion namely UN Office for Partnership and Earth Day Network.

2020 is not a regular year, at least for the activists out there who seek to change the world. 2020 will mark the 50th anniversary of earth day as well as the 75th of the United Nations. Given the urgency of the situation the environment is facing, this year’s challenge theme will therefore be « A Positive Impact On Our PlanetWith Every Dollar Earned ». Hult Prize at Faculty Of Science Of Sfax seems to be a stronghold of the kind of activists aforementioned. By organizing the training sessions and registered a huge number of teams (50+) consisting of 3 to 4 stundents, they hope to find the changemakers of tomorrow. It is good to note here that the Faculty Of Science Of Sfax is provides the perfects environment for such an event. In fact, through its different departments, it academically focuses on issues present in the theme, i.e evironment, as well as huge number of experts, teachers and students all willing to take their knowledge to the next step.

The Hult Prize at Faculty Of Science Of Sfax team consists of 8 members as well as a Campus Director, each devoting their time and skill to the noble cause they chose, thus ensuring a smooth and consisting curriculum for the competitors.

The application consists of mulptiple phases: General Application, Regional Summits and finally Hult Prize Accelerator. Through Hult Prize On Campus, as is organizing Hult Prize at Faculty Of Science Of Sfax this year, gives the opportunity to bypass the General Application to compete in one of the Regional Summits.

“The Hult Prize is how the world has to work in the 21st century.” – President Bill Clinton

Hult Prize at Faculty Of Science Of Sfax found wisdom in the word of Bill Clinton. Through this iniative, their ingenuity, innovation and good spirit, they provide a perfect environment for young entrepreneurs, making see their ideas materialize.

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Communiqué | ENSI’s Annual Forum






If you are looking for a chance/opportunity to land a job interview on the spot, an end of studies internship or to discover the professional world in Tunisia while connecting with its various companies, then the Annual forum of ENSI held by EJE is your best shot.


ENSI Junior Enterprise is a non-profit student organization that aims to better integrate its members into the world of professionals through their targeted training, high-quality projects, and well-organized events creating an environment that pushes students to develop. 


The annual forum is an event held every year in ENSI ( National School Of Computer Science), in which EJE invites multiple companies operating in different domains, targeting the newly graduates, students who look for opportunities, and more…

ENSI’s Annual Forum gives its participants the chance to attend a live meeting and to get a job. It’s good to note that in the last edition 1500 people attended the event with 32 companies looking for newcomers.


Improving every year, the 15th edition of ENSI’s annual forum comes for the first time as an online version, giving access to more students to attend and still profit from its multiple benefits in a very well made and secure platform where you can easily attend your interview if you are selected. 


This year’s theme will be HIT: Health information technologies, due to the rapid invasion of IT in the health domain providing different approaches that focus mainly on emerging digital health care services which are expected to reduce costs, improve user experience and increase the quality of care.


This year’s Forum will take place on the 28th of November online.

To stay updated make sure to follow us on social media (links below), make sure to not miss such an opportunity.

So what are you waiting for?

Prepare your C.V and practice your interview skills

See you on November the 28th.

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Written by: Med Aziz Driss

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