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The Good Place



« Right, so, you, Eleanor Shellstrop, are dead. Your life on Earth has ended, and you are now in the next phase of your existence in the universe. » « Cool. » But everything was not cool, as you dear viewer will come to realize after watching the pilot of this philosophical comedy.

You see, Eleanor was welcomed with open hands into « The Good Place », a heaven-like place where only the cream of the crop good-doers are accepted, but she did not belong there. Eleanor, who was a fake-medication seller that profited off swindling old people, is mistaken for a philanthropist who dedicated her life for the service of others.

Continuing her typical behaviour, Eleanor embarrasses herself and everyone involved during a welcome party after indulging in too much Shrimp and Alcohol. But her actions have consequences even in the after-life, as her misbehaviour causes things to fall into disarray and her negative actions redisplay themselves in a grotesque manner; causing a nightmare sequence with flying shrimps and giant frogs and raining trash, among others. Her only hope: laying low and learning how to fit in by being a good person. A task that a professor of philosophy of ethics and her supposed soulmate: Chidi, seems to be the perfect candidate for.

The many plots and subplots that this show presents as well as the very interesting philosophical questions it and the lighthearted manner with which it tries to answer them make it all of a pleasure to watch, even if names such as Socrates and Kant only strike boredom in your heart. The hilarious interactions between the polar opposites of Chidi and Eleanor as well as their neighbours Tahani, a very talkative British socialite who spent her life throwing donation parties for charities, and her soulmate Jianyu, a mysterious Taiwanese monk who took a vow of silence when he was eight and which he keeps even after his death.

So you’re probably wondering « so who was right about the afterlife?  » Well, let’s see. « Hindus are a little bit right, Muslims a little bit. Jews, Christians, Buddhists, every religion guessed about 5%, except for Doug Forcett. Doug was a stoner kid who lived in Calgary during the 1970s. One night, he got really high on mushrooms, and his best friend, Randy, said, « Hey, what do you think happens after we die? » And Doug just launched into this long monologue where he got like 92% correct. »

This monologue as well as a running joke of the show of replacing swear words with expressions such as « go fork yourself » and « bullshirt » illustrate best the type of humour this comedy tries to convey and the lighthearted family-friendly approach it takes to matters as serious as religion and afterlife, and how it attempts to adapt to the sensitivities to its audience ( unlike another favourite and guilty pleasure of mine: Family guy, which in opposition to the name, is anything but family friendly)

The show is available on many websites and apps which need not be named *cough*popcorn time*cough*, so happy binging!

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News | What’s happening in Sudan?




I presume that at this point we all know that hell broke loose in our fellow African/Arab country, Sudan. It is quite heart-wrenching, however, to see how much we seem to misunderstand the issue. If it weren’t for those blue profile pictures, most of us would still be in the dark, myself included.

I tried my very best to get a TL;DR version of what’s happening since the issue seems a bit too complicated to get your head around it by reading one single article.

The issues basically started in 2011 when Sudan (which was previously the largest Arab country) decided to split into a Northern and a Southern entity with the former being mainly Mulsim and the latter being Christian and Animist mainly. It’s needless to say that the transition was not smooth since both countries had to not only create a border, but also had to split natural resources. May I bring to your attention that Sudan already went through two major civil wars in 1983 and in 1955.

In the midst of all of this Omar Al-Bashir was in office since 1989 after a military coup that he led to overthrow the former government. During his reign, he was accused of being a war criminal due to many events in the region of Darfur. He was notorious for dictatorship.

That’s the general Sudanese background, the melting pot that hosted the present issues. Well, here comes the classic in every third world country: the economic hurdles Sudan is going through led to the increase of the costs of vital needs to an unbearable extent and people were obliged to protest. The protests were extremely peaceful and had no signs of vandalism.

The protests were lead by the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) and they’re basically a congregation of Doctors, Engineers and Teachers that are trying to make a difference.

Source: BBC

The protests that sparked in December, 2018 were fruitful and ended with Omar Al-Bashir quitting. The people of Sudan were unaware that that was only the beginning of a massacre.

The country needed someone to be in charge temporarily, and that’s how the military ruled over Sudan. General Mohamed Hamdan Hemeti Dagolo is now the leader of Sudan. The protestors had hope since this government promised to be a bridge to democracy and a new Sudan, they were mistaken.

The military council continued to hold its grip on the country and seemed to have no intentions of giving Sudan the democracy it struggled to get. The SPA did not stand still and called for a general strike along with the unending protests on the streets. The communication between the current militay council and the SPA failed terribly and it led to a catastrophe.

Credits: Al Jazeera

The military council chose to silence those peaceful protests with militia attacks against unarmed protestors. People were not only getting massacred one protest camp after another, but some bodies were found ditched in the Nile. Endless injuries, rapes, arrests… A lot of people are still missing. Here’s a list that sums it:

  • 500 Killed
  • 723 Injured
  • 650 Arrested
  • 54 Raped
  • 1000 Missing
  • 118 Bodies found in the Nile

The SPA is still encouraging people to hold the line and keep fighting, and it’s reassuring to see that Sudan is going in that direction. The government is trying its best to cut every sort of telecommunication. We cannot know what’s happening in Sudan currently since the internet and phone services were cut off.

We are unable to tell what’s happening in Sudan due to this brutal isolation, people are held captive in their own country.

Moday, June 3rd, 2019

The people of Sudan that live abroad are starting a campaign to raise awareness through the indigo profile pictures. The color was not chosen randomly, it was Mohammed Mattar’s favorite color, he was one of the first victims of this massacre.

A picture of Mohamed Mattar.

It is our duty as fellow human beings to try to spread the news of what’s happening. Humanity is slowly deteriorating as we witness such acts of cruelty and fail to improve things. Things in Sudan will ievitably improve since peope seem to be aware and strong. Nothing can stop those who stand together as one.








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