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Aeroday 2k18 …Ready , Set , Go !!


Aeroday 2k18 …Ready , Set , Go !!

Aeroday 2k18 …Ready , Set , Go !!


Today, April 9th, were held both the « AirShow » and « AeroModelism » in El Menzah.

For those of you who don’t know about it, « AirShow » is a challenge where the competitors have to bring their models and make them fly and perform a variety of movements including flips..

And so, in an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement, the participants started their « Flight test ». A round of applause for each one of them filled the place until the real competition began. The planes took off under the close watch of the 3 members of the Jury :

  • Karim Hmaid, president of the Tunisian Space Agency
  • Anis Faidi, aeronautical engineer
  • Habib Ben Soussia, president of ATA (Association Tunisienne de l’Aéronautique)



Some succeeded and some didn’t have the result they wanted but the audience always had their share of fun.

Furthermore, to make the audience have a more decisive role, the organizing team has put in place an application for the audience to install  for the sake of voting for their favorite, the result of the votes represented 20% of the final result.

Next was the « AeroModelism » challenge returning in its 4th Edition, in which participants must bring their handmade models and present it the jury and the audience. It started with the « Flight Test » in which the audience got to see a sneak peek of the various and interesting models.

However, the real thing would be on the big day the 29th April,  so be there we look forward to seeing you.


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