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À vos plumes

Into the light

Into the light

Fear is that giant hidden within each one of us. It’s disguised, it hinders us, and we encounter daily. Well.. Occasionally..  

The mere thought of probable pain makes us step back; avoiding the terror, we would walk into the trap headfirst… Forgetting that we are powerful enough to cut to the chase and spare ourselves a long struggle.

Why not search deep for the origins of your fear?, whatever it is, willing to know what you’ll be eventually fighting; You’ll never beat something you ignore anyway!

You’re wasting your time moaning aimlessly. Why endure life in its toughest aspect while YOUR unsolved problems lie beside you intact? It only makes you weaker. You can’t be more useless than this; carrying along a spirit that’s morose and senseless.

Now ask yourself: what am I here for? To be another ragged masochist? Well no!.. Why do we refuse to be sweet fireflies roaming in the dark, lighting obscurity? Fear again.. We marvel when other people flourish.. We admire them.. Saying we’ll never ever catch up.. Why??  Considering poisonous reflections only deepens your wounds. Makes you a COWARD. Legitimately.

Deep inside, you want to walk out of your narrow ego, you loneliness, your comfort zone.. To be in the highlight. Dive in the warmth of confidence and lie victorious on the edges of stars. Vibrate with excitement when you achieve something. You’re IN. You bring it on. No one to fear. Not even yourself. You’ve made it. Figuring out that all it took was one honest talk. One confession and all is solved. You finally communicated. You and your dark side.

You realize that your human nature is not a barrier anymore, you’re unchained, you’re happy. But wait..

Do not rush in all at once. Being human requires a lot more than work, fun and overcoming problems, and fear is an essential ingredient -used moderately- for the serenity of the soul. Eventually, we mustn’t get rid of it totally.

Allow yourself a minimum of fear.  Fear being rude, ruthless, unfaithful..

Shallow and ungrateful too.

That’s you should fear the most..

To sum up.. Live your life to the fullest. Try every possible pace to find yours. All it takes is a shot that will decide whether you stagnate in the darkness or step into the light. Keep trying however fear surrounds you.

                                                                                      With LOVE. A comrade.

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