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Fusion.js : The new web development framework




Disclaimer: This is a technical writing, you might want to keep an extra window opened in your browser to look up some terms used here. Links describing some concepts will be introduced along the term.

One of the latest news in the web development field, is the release of the “Fusion.js” framework by the “Uber engineering” company.

Uber uses a very similar concept to µTorrent, but in real life. It’s a peer-to-peer ridesharing and transportation network company. Their main platform is a mobile app named “Uber”. The use of this app increased exponentially throughout the years. The app has been downloaded over a 100 Million times! The company took a very huge risk when they decided to rewrite the whole app and managed to actually pull it off.

They recently released the new framework “fusion.js” as a “Plugin based universal web framework”. It was first introduced on the 1st of August, 2018. The framework is open-source which means that -if you’re good enough else this shouldn’t be tried- you can customize it to meet your specific needs.

Now we will be stating the features this framework offers:

  • It’s compatible with React.js and Redux.js
  • The framework’s plugin-based architecture makes it appropriate for single-page applications that may depend on complex service layers
  • The plugins use dependency-injection to expose API to other plugins
  • It provides testing tools such as “jest”, “enzyme”, and “pupper”.
  • It has an optimized and pre-configured boilerplate which reduces the amount of code you need to write to get something working.
  • It offers an out of the box support for server-side rendering (SSR). You can check the full concept here.
    • Server-side Rendering (SSR) is when the browser sends a request and the server returns a full html page.
    • Client-side Rendering (CSR) is when the rendering is done in the browser using JavaScript libraries like angular or vue.js.
  • This feature is quite huge; the Framework supports hot module replacement (HMR) which enables you to add/remove modules while the app is running and still maintain its state, and allows for instant HTML/CSS refresh. You can read more about the HMR here.
  • It uses a single-entry point file which makes it possible reuse the same code on the browser and the server to make it easier to co-locate code-snippets.
  • Last but not least, it offers automatic setup for CSRF protection [a security concept in web forms] and easy i18n integration via bundle splitting.

As we stated earlier, “Fusion.js” is a new framework. Users at the moment did not state any dissatisfaction using it. It’s true that this is a good thing. But, in case you encounter an issue you might be the first to have to deal with it. So be the hero the users need and the first to help the framework grow!

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El Pitch: Tunisia’s first Business Reality TV show airs this summer!

Sami Mnassri




Photo credit © El Pitch, Promotional trailer (Photo edited)
Photo credit © El Pitch, Promotional trailer (Photo edited)

“El Pitch”, a business-related TV show, is Tunisia’s first televised startups reality television series.

The promising show is to be broadcasted on ‘Elhiwar Ettounsi’ starting from Sunday 14th of July 2019 – 9p.m local time and will bring together aspiring entrepreneurs from different backgrounds and with different projects to face a panel of 3 business experts and try to turn their business ideas into reality.


The concept around the world

Business reality TV shows have been around for years around the globe under various formats and using different names.

While the idea is reported to be originated in Japan, where it is known as “The Tigers of Money”, the most popular variations are “Dragons’ Den”, the British version of the program -airing since January 2005- and “Shark Tank” in the United States -airing since August 2009.


The original concept consists of having entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of venture capitalists in the hope of securing investment finance from them.

Contestants present what they consider to be a viable and potentially very profitable business idea, but who lack funding and direction. They pitch their idea to a panel of experienced entrepreneurial business people in the aim of raising a specific amount of money. In return of being funded, the contestant gives back a percentage of the company’s stock.


Contestant (Ghaith Abdesselem) with an Investor (Bassem Bouguerra) during the Elevator Pitch phase - Picture credit © El Pitch, Promotional trailer

Contestant (Gaith Abdesselem) with a Jury member (Bassem Bouguerra) during the Elevator Pitch phase – Picture credit © El Pitch, Promotional trailer


A look back on last year’s Radio-aired edition

Whilst « El Pitch » is set to mark its first ever appearance on national TV, the concept was first introduced as a radio-based show produced by under the name of « Startup Story: The Pitch ».

The radio show was first premiered on 8 March 2018 on JawharaFM and introduced 10 episodes during which many contestants had the chance to compete for a grand prize of 50K Tunisian Dinars. The Finale was live-aired on 9 May 2018.


El Pitch now on TV, a first of its kind in Tunisia!

Following a successful first edition, the show producers decided to bring the concept to the national television. An announcement teaser was released earlier today, Sunday 7 July 2019, on both social networks and TV.


Scenes from the teaser revealed various moments from the show. While some contestants appear to be under stress and facing some hard time with the Jury, others showed expressions of joy and relief. The Jury members themselves ocasionnally appeared to be having opposing thoughts regarding some projects.

Though no much details have yet been revealed regarding the show format or what the contestants are to be competing for, the teaser however managed to attract the audience’s attention and has been receiving positive feedback ever since its release.


For the TV show edition, the producers decided to keep the same Jury members, to name:

Bassem Bouguerra, Currently CEO of IntilaQ. Started as a Software Developer in the Silicon Valley area (AkQA and Yahoo!), went back to Tunisia following the revolution and worked on reforming the security sector. In 2014, he embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure and founded Tunpixel and then

Mouna Ben Halima, Founder and CEO of La Badira Hotel with over 20 years of experience in hospitality and luxury tourism.

Aymen Mbarek, Investment Director at IntilaQ, is an IT startup expert, early stage investment specialist, business advisor & scenarist with over 10 years of experience in financing IT startups.


On what to expect from this show, Aymen Mbarek mentioned -during an interview on’s Startup Story last week, that moving from Radio to television took the show to a whole other level. Both in terms of quality of contestants and naturally their business projects, but also in terms of suspense since taking this to TV adds a lot on the delivery process and capturing all details happening in the studio during the show.


Behind the scenes shot featuring "El Pitch"'s Investors and Producers. Left to Right: Mouna Ben Halima, Walid Naffati, Marwen Dhemaied, Aymen Mbarek and Bassem Bouguerra.

Behind the scenes shot featuring « El Pitch »‘s Jury members and Producers. Left to Right: Mouna Ben Halima, Walid Naffati, Marwen Dhemaied, Aymen Mbarek and Bassem Bouguerra.


It’s like Shark Tank but I would not really compare it to that. ‘El Pitch’ is more of a competition meaning you’ll not be facing investors in the attempt of securing an investment, but rather a jury to assess the idea and give you feedback.

To have a Shark Tank concept-based show, that will be great!  

The overall idea is good especially the Elevator Pitch part being in an actual elevator and pitching to major actors from the entrepreneurial ecosystem not only the jury.

I think it’s really a good first step to have this on TV, and not the daily s**t stuff, and to give entrepreneurs the spot light and the chance to be heard and seen. And also setting an example to those that are still in doubt about their potential by giving them a push and that they can start and find support.

But most of all, this could show to everyone that, out there, people are constantly trying to make a change!” – Ahlem Jedidi, one of ‘El Pitch’ contestants.


Interested or simply curious, here’s the link to « El Pitch » promotional teaser.

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