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Just a wave

Just a wave

I see depth in your eyes, I see passion in your looks, I see happiness in your smile. But why can’t you see the love in my stares? The way I find myself staring at you unconsciously, searching for the sight of you, seeking your attention, waiting for you to pronounce a simple word and I will be all yours.  

I wish I could let it all out, I wish you knew how I feel when you look at me straight in the eyes, still waiting for a simple move from you, just a hint that you actually think about me.

I wish you knew that you haunt my thoughts, that you never leave my mind, that my heart skips a beat when I see you, that I dream about your super cute smile. I dreamt about hugging you and even if it was a just dream, I enjoyed it and I wished it would last.

You have everything I’ve been looking for, you made me feel the love again. After all that has damaged my sincere emotions, you gave me back that childish feeling of extreme happiness with just a wave from you.

Written by Ons Zoghbi

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