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Press release : The ENSI’s Annual forum-14th Edition 



Like every year the Ensi Junior Enterprise is back with the remarkable and huge event : The Ensi’s Annual forum-14th Edition.

ENSI Junior Enterprise is a student association affiliated to the national school of computer science (ENSI) aiming for professionalism through its projects, trainings and events, allowing students to make use of their skills in a new professional experience.
The annual forum is an open day where each and everyone is welcome to join. It’s going to be a huge opportunity for students who are in the search of internship with more than 30 leading IT companies. We’re also hosting a lot of various activities from workshops animated by experts in various domains to round tables held by guest speakers discussing our chosen theme : Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) .

So what is Intelligent Process Automation ?

Intelligent Process Automation is one aspect of a broader shift in technology, that of automation as a whole. From driverless cars to autonomous drones, automation is helping make seemingly space-age technologies available today by creating new forms of intelligence. Whether it’s customer communication in the form of desktop assistants, or automated tasks across an enterprise, automation is transforming the way we live and work. In fact IPA is the collection of technologies that come together to manage, automate and integrate digital processes. The primary technologies that make up IPA include Digital Process Automation(DPA)Robotic Process Automation(RPA) and Artificial Intelligence(AI).


What are you waiting for? Come and join us, we will be waiting for you. Don’t miss the date, October, 30th, 2019 AT THE NATIONAL SCHOOL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE (ENSI).


The program : 


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Contact ENSI Junior Enterprise:

Aladdin Johmani, Ensi Junior Enterprise representative.

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Press release : TuniHack




Open Source Software ENSI Club has the honor to announce the fifth edition of its annual event. TUNIHACK is back with a new topic: « Trust and social media » .

Held at ENSI on 23,24 november, Tunihack is a great opportunity for all attendants to dig into the details of this enigmous subject and answer some mysterious questions such as : can we really trust social media ? and how can we secure our data and personal informations ?

Matter of fact, it is a place where hundreds of hackers meet and work together to come up with solutions for real engineering problems related to the subject. That’s why it is considered to be somewhere where everybody can change the world for the better and build up their social connections.

Like every year, this event is for free, presenting a rich program and containing various conferences and workshops  held by numerous experts in different fields.

This hackathon will last 24 hours in which teams will do their best to satisfy the committee of judges in an ambient atmosphere before reaching the point where the solutions will be judged by a group of experts .
The winning team will have the honnor to win 2000 DT .

You feel that you got it in you to change things? You want to invest your skills to develop that idea? Then join us in this amazing experience.

More information will be communicated to you as the event approaches. Stay tuned for extra details.



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