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Seeker of Fate: Part8





The two Immortals finally could stand barely at their feet. Perun was seeing the wound caused by Melvim’s sword. He was bleeding a fleeting steam and his golden skin started slowly getting scraped on its own.

How come something like that exist?! What is this sword, you damn mongrel!Shrieked the Thunderer.

“It’s Death Brand. One of two swords that my family did possess during its legacy.” Answered the Prince.

Stop joking around! How can a mere royal sword damage an Immortal!?” Yelled Perun.

“That’s a secret I could have told you if you agreed to my deal before, hehe, defeat me and consume my own Karma. Perhaps, you will know after that.” Said Melvim.

You’re mocking me, aren’t you?! I accept your pity provocation and I’ll make sure to chew your strings well!” Said Perun in ire.

“Death is equitable. We will all, one day, be welcomed by his embrace even us, the Immortals. We who are considered as gods in the eyes of the mortals…” Said Melvim as he took a defensive posture.

That’s blasphemy! Madness! We’re Immortals: We never die and so we never live. We’re beyond these two edges of frailty! Maybe you’re the only one of us going to die because you’re the worst after all!” Said Perun.

Not far from these two, the Huntress opened her eyes. Her injuries did heal but she saw that her mask was broken. When she stared around her, she saw Perun and Melvim prepared to re-engage in combat and the thrown brainless corpse of Persolis. However, she forgot about the two Immortals when her eyes saw that weird scroll appearing from the cadaver.

The Huntress crawled toward the corpse as she was avoiding attracting the attention of the Thunderer and the Prince.

“That must be the last page. If I grab it, I will finally obtain it, the cure that I have waited for!” Thought the Rogue hopefully.

The clash of the sword and the axe made the terrain tremble and sent shivers to her bones. But they were not weary of her, for now. Finally, she reached the corpse and tended to the scroll with a fading smile.

How dare you try to escape in my presence?” Said Perun as he suddenly teleported behind her after cutting Melvim into two pieces with one decisive blow.

He grasped her from the head like a trapped rabbit and took the scroll.

I see now…this is why I was disappointed in Persolis. I said it without really knowing why. He learnt some lies from an apostle of the Serpent and this woman too had an interest in such pages. Well, now there’s no reason for me to spare you at all, you poor thing.” Said Perun as he was electrifying the Huntress slowly.

“Your fight isn’t over yet, Perun!” Shouted Melvim as he lunged his sword toward the Thunderer.

“Can’t you give up, Coward Prince? Trying to show bravery in front of mortals?” Said Perun as he blocked his attack.

“As long as I have the ability to resurrect myself, I will keep going.” Said the Prince.

It seems you have acquired quite the pawns for you to be this persistent this time. I wonder who might be these fools who believed in your call of Fate…” Said Perun as he charged his axe with thunder and blasted the Knight with tremendous force that knocked him away.

Now, let’s resume what we have been doing. Death Brand gave me incurable damage and I need to restore what I lost. I will begin by taking the Karma of this one and then I will take on the village that bears shamelessly my name.” Added the Thunderer.

The Huntress screamed so hard as Perun started torturing her using his lightning. He was doing that for fun.

Oh…I think I overdid it. I shall not kill you for I have to add your Fate to my Kingdom too.” Said Perun as he was going finally to rip her head open.

“There…Is this…Ramon?” Said Boran who finally reached the scene.

“What?! How could not I sense the presence of this one?! This is strange…He is already here without me realizing it before it’s late.” Thought Perun as he was surprised of seeing the Sun Knight coming from nowhere.

And who are you to dare enter my realm?” Said the Storm Warrior proudly.

“I see. So you’re the one my brother tried to commune with.” Said the Sun Knight.

Perun felt as his new adversary humiliated him by not acknowledging his might and so he threw the Huntress away and decided to teach him a lesson.

You did not answer my question. Who are you? And why did you defile my kingdom?” Stated Perun.

“Hehe…I really don’t know myself. A human? a Wraith or a Wight? Perhaps a Keres or a Lich…but why does it matter for you? I don’t care what you are if I’m going to destroy you anyway. Concern and caring are out of the question here.” Said Boran with great confidence as his great sword started shining with fire.

What a brave fool we have now , you’ll regret challenging the gods soon enough.” Said Perun.

The Thunderer teleported or rather dashed with insane speed exactly in front of the Sun Knight and seemingly smashed him with his majestic weapon. However, it seemed that he missed him as he was standing few feet near him.

What? I did not even see him dodging even though I’m the master of lightning?!” Thought Perun shockingly.

“Oh yeah? You ought to not underestimate the mortals, sir Immortal.” Said Boran.

Perun performed a war cry that made the earth tremble and caused everyone around to either retreat or get rolled away by force. The eyes of the Great Warrior became purely golden and lightning engulfed his body. Perhaps, if you try to touch him, you will die instantly by doing so.

Now, the time of jokes is over.” Said Perun as he raised his axe in the air.

“That’s really bad. Get away from here!!!!” Yelled Boran at the Huntress and Melvim who regenerated himself again.

A Thunderbolt came in from the sky and blasted Perun himself and caused electricity to propagate around him in waves. The Huntress was unable to move as she was affected by the Thunderer’s attempt to consume her. The Prince Melvim summoned his undead horse from his sword and saved her from an inescapable death.

Ho… I see how you did it. You have awakened the blood of Dazbog within your veins, didn’t you?” Said Perun as he witnessed a furious fire in the form of a bird shadowing the Sun Knight. Moreover, he did shield the corpse of Persolis. “I don’t know why you are still interested in that loser but his fate is already mine.” Added Perun.

“Unless I defeat you.” Responded Boran.

It seems you’re very wise unlike every mortal here. So you must know that only an Immortal can defeat another one.” Said Perun.

“He’s right. Even though, I’m really strong but in front of an Immortal, I can do nothing.” Thought Boran as he was waiting for Perun’s next move. He knew that he could never begin the offense. Maybe, it was pointless from the beginning.

“You’re not Dazbog himself, so I fear nothing now.”

Boran noticed the scroll attached to Persolis’ corpse and he knew what it was. Suddenly, a bright idea flashed in his mind.

“So you will have fear if a real Immortal is brought to you now?” Asked the Sun Knight.

Huh? What’re you implying, you mongrel?” Said Perun.

“Well said, Knight of Dazbog.” Said Melvim as he charged from behind without Perun noticing him.

What?!! I fell for it again!” Screamed Perun as he was pierced entirely by Death Brand.

“This time, the damage would be worse.” Whispered Melvim in his ears.

Perun knocked him away with his elbow and with him the Death Brand. However, a dark magenta color started spreading in his body from the injury location. It was turning his heavenly flesh into a void energy that was barely taking shape.

You…You bastards!! I… I will eat your souls!! I will do! Agggghhh!” Suffered Perun.

“Yo, armoured Immortal, we have to retreat and form a plan. He’s not done yet.” Said Boran to Melvim.

“Okey. Don’t forget that scroll.” Added the Prince.

“Hehe. It seems you’re having the same idea as mine.” Stated Boran.

The Huntress woke from her unconsciousness. When she observed around her, she saw Lazlo, Boran and Melvim gazing at her. Acina was still sleeping near them.

“Finally, she woke up.” Said Boran.

The Huntress stood up and started stepping further and further away from them.

“Hey, where are you going?! We’re allies, we’re indeed in need of you!” Shouted Boran.

“I don’t know anyone of you. How could you possibly be an ally of mine?” Answered the Huntress while focusing specifically at the very tall Immortal that was stood with them as if he was already someone ordinary.

“At least, you know me.” Said Lazlo.

“Perhaps, this will convince her to listen to us.” Said Melvim as he showed her the scroll of Persolis. Her eyes brightened and she insisted saying: “Give me that now!”

“Look how much greedy you’re! You don’t want to help us but you want to take service from us.” Said Boran.

“That’s none of your business, old man.” Glared the Huntress at him.

“Well, your attitude is rather quite fitting for the true face you have.” Added Boran.

The Huntress stopped her offense and began to touch the left side of her face: it was that bloodthirsty, ugly and demonic side. In fact, she covered it shamelessly while cursing:

“Damn it! Did you all see this?!”

“Yes, all of us. I hope Acina just doesn’t wake up to die by shock from seeing it.” Stated Lazlo.

“We all have terrible secrets and terrible curses. Don’t let it bother you.” Said Melvim.

“What… what do you want from me?” Said the Huntress after lowering her head so no one could see it.

“You have the remaining pages of the Book of the Dead, don’t you?” Asked Melvim.

“How… did you know that?!” Said the Huntress surprisingly.

“It was obvious. You risked your life to obtain it. You must have been tempted by the myth that unlocking the truth behind the Book of the Dead would allow you to bring you whatever you want.” Claimed the Immortal.

“And what do you know? Don’t meddle in my business. Give me that scroll now!” The woman was both mad and anxious.

“The one we all fought is going to recover from the heavy injury I inflicted and soon he will be after us in no time. He’s an Immortal and I’m one too but I stand no chance against him especially with him summoning his full power. But that book of the Dead is capable perhaps of giving us a chance against him.” Explained Melvim.

“Hehe… and do you really think I would give you the remaining pages of the book? Are you an idiot?” Mocked the Huntress.

“Perhaps, if I tell you the truth.” Said Melvim.

A silence crawled in the scene but was interrupted quickly by thunderbolts falling far in the basin of the sand.

“We have no time for that. We need the book of the dead to defeat him or we’ll be all goners!” Begged the Sun Knight.

“I have been searching for the pages for how many years. Do you think I would waste all my efforts for something I already no benefit from? Hehehe…If he’s able to kill me, I will be very grateful for him. If he’s…” Said the Huntress.

“You… You’re also..” Muttered Lazlo.

“I can’t die for some reasons. No matter how I suffer, no matter how I bleed, I will come back again as if nothing happened.” Added the Huntress.

“So you wish to die?” Questioned Boran.

The Huntress did not answer.

“I am sorry. I should not try to use what is rightfully yours. However, let me tell you something. The Book of the Death has no answer ironically for the question of Death itself.” Said Melvim.

Everyone was shocked hearing that especially the Huntress.

“Why do I have to believe you?” She said.

“I’m an Immortal and I know who wrote that book.” He answered.

“And who was it?” Asked Boran curiously.

“It was my uncle.” Answered Melvim.

“Ehh?! Do you have a family?” Said Lazlo.

“I was once human, the son of a proud king from a forgotten age. And I was dragged into this because of that very uncle. But for the good of the world, we’re going to call for him to help us against Perun.” Said Melvim.

“Eh. I think I heard about it… the lost kingdom of Velin.” Said Lazlo.

“It seems you know a lot, Knight of Horis.” Said the Immortal Knight.

“Yes. In fact, it seems that many things make a lot of sense for me right now. The Church, the destruction of Dazbog and Svarog and the curse of Undeath… everything traces back to you, the Immortals.” Stated Lazlo.

“That’s right.” Said Melvim.

“I do know too. My honorable village of Dazbog was destroyed by an Immortal known as the King. And yes, if you think about it, the current King of Crodon, Triglav, had became his pawn. Svarog himself, the Hero of the Sun, tried to defend us but he failed and was defeated.” Said Boran deeply.

“This King, could it be your father, sir?” Asked Lazlo.

“Yes. I’m the Coward Prince of Velin who refused to accept his fate.” Answered Melvim.

“Now, Undead Slayer, would you help us? You don’t like the Thunderer to destroy the waking world, do you?” Said Lazlo.

“Immortal, I want you to ask you something. Is my curse linked to you too? Why am I not like any other Undead, why can’t I die too?” Asked the Huntress.

“You’re an Immortal without knowing it and I guess you have the Fate of The Witch. This is why you won’t die no matter what.” Answered Melvim.

“The Witch? Hmm, it seems there are many of you.” Said Lazlo.

“And we’re all waking up from our slumber to initiate the day of Doom. This is a warning for you all. They’re all going to return to reality soon and with it, the destruction of Mankind.” Said Melvim.

So… I’m cursed forever, I will not be able to die even if all humans die. Why is Fate so unfair to me… why do I have to keep struggling… I never wanted to do it. I wished if I could have died from the very beginning.” The Huntress was sobbing much to the amazement of everyone around.

The Coward Prince, who was a 3-meter-giant, approached the Huntress who collapsed crying and fell into an endless sorrow. Lazlo and Boran were just mesmerized to see that proud and undead warrior show a lot of emotions like a little child.

“I think this is why the Witch had chosen you: you’re still full of life and hope. You’re crying because you still want, you still have desires. Even if you’re a Vampiric Keres or a Lifeless Lich, you’re preserving your humanity within your bosom. The Witch must be very infatuated with you to choose your heart.” Said Melvim as he kneeled to console her like what a father would do if his daughter was crying.

The Huntress stopped crying suddenly and gave the Immortal a powerful punch in his chest. He, however, was not affected by its force.

“You have no heart beating… and yet you can be sympathetic with the others. If I’m an Immortal, why do I still have a heart? If my heart is the thing that keeps cursing me, then I will gladly get rid of it to become a mindless monstrous husk.” Said the Undead Slayer intensively.

“That’s the perk of the Witch. Of all the Immortals, she’s the only one who still has a heart of her own.” Answered Melvim.

The Coward Prince, the Sun Knight and the Herald Knight stood up as they felt something coming in their way.

“It must be him.” Said Boran.

“The Thunderer, the one we should defeat in order to leave this realm?” Asked Lazlo.

“Yes.” Answered Boran.

“And the first of Immortals to begin the judgement of the living if we don’t stop him right now…” Added Melvim.


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A student of Computer Science Engineering from ENICAR. He stumbled upon an epiphany, very suddenly and quite by accident. Here we stand, feet planted in the earth, looking to the sky and searching for heavens...but might the truth be very near us, only just within ourselves?

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À vos plumes

Ghosts in the Mirror






Deep down the mysterious continent of Asia, laden with centuries upon centuries of legends and stories to tell, lies the land of a thousand dynasties, China. The people of this land are known most for their vast seas of wisdom and spirituality. Their eyes look through the physical and value beauty on the purity of the soul and the mind, as we are going to see in the tears falling from the eyes of Zhong Kui, the King of Ghosts.

Bright minds are the spark of civilization yet no mind can shine brighter than Zhong Kui’s:

The hero of this story was a true genius, had the highest grades in his class, was the favorite of all his teachers, and was the teacher of all his classmates. A man of such talents deserves no less than the highest of honors and positions, and so was his thinking. Zhong Kui chose to apply for the imperial examination, to become an advisor of the king and do his part in the rising of his empire.

People in the imperial palace were astonished by Zhong’s brilliant answers and immediately invited him to assume his new position. The emperor, a pretentious man, all too pompous for the common folk was the type of man that wishes everything to be perfect and all too beautiful. He sat on his golden throne wearing the finest of his silk robes and a crown made of pure jade was resting on his head, waiting for our hero’s presence.

Zhong Kui finally arrived at the doors of the palace and presented himself to the guards who allowed his immediate entry. He could not be happier, but all of his joy sunk to the depths of the earth when he entered the emperor’s courtroom. The king gave the highest shriek when helaid his eyes on Zhong. He felt pure disgust as he looked upon our genius’ misshapen eyes and overgrown ears. He almost puked as he looked at our prodigy’s ragged clothes and dirty hair, and immediately expelled him from the palace vowing to never let something so horrendous sit on his imperial tables.

Zhong Kui wept his eyes dry as he left the presence of the emperor and walked with what he thought was shame until he reached the huge metal doors of the palace. Before leaving, he looked at his reflection on those doors and felt so much anger for the world that birthed him in such a fashion, and with so much rage and sadness building in his heart, he struck his head on the door, once, twice, and thrice, until his blood splattered all over it, and he kept beating on his brow until he fell on the ground dead, another victim of suicide.

Fortunately, his story does not end with his untimely death. As his soul traveled to the underground, it caught the eye of the King of Hell and fascinated by its purity, and sensing the talents of the new arrival. He knew that Zhong Kui was way too special to waste.

He honored him with a greater title than he could ever wish for in the emperor’s palace. He named him King of Ghosts and Hunter of Demons. Zhong was delighted and vowed to do right by his new duty, protecting all humans, including the emperor that caused him nothing but depression.

With plenty to take from between the lines of this tale, we can start with the fact that words are as sharp as swords and they can shred a soul to bits leaving a person broken, never to be repaired. There is no ugly, or hideous, there is only different. 

There are no two humans on this earth that look alike and that’s what makes being human beautiful. It’s okay to have features unlike those you see in the media and pictures of models, for those features are you and nothing is as pretty as your love for yourself. Beauty too can come in so many forms, and to the forces of nature, illustrated in this story by the King of Hell and God of Death, the most natural of all forces, nothing is more important than the beauty of your mind.

Superficiality is killed when the eyes are closed to let the ears hear the magnificent words coming out of your mouth, to understand the purity of your golden ideas, and to feel the true essence of what truly is you beneath the shell that might or might not be attractive by the common definition.

To wrap up the story of a prodigy and his unjust end, I advise each and every one of you to stand in front of a mirror and say that you are beautiful because if you accept it, no sword can scathe your soul. And you are not just beautiful because of what you look like, you are beautiful because of what you feel, because of what you think about when you steer away with your thoughts in public, you are beautiful because of what you love and what you cherish, because of the art that leaks like rainbows from your mind and most importantly, you are beautiful because you wake up and live every day to the fullest despite what the poison you hear from the people in your life.

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