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A never ending pursuit | Chapter IV



[Check chapter III here]

[..] Valion didn’t know what the old man was talking about; change everything? What is there to change? Should he even go back to Flore in the first place? So many questions he had no answer to.
« Young man, Flore is in a bad shape, » said Enzeqor.
« I don’t really see what you’re talking about. At the very least, it doesn’t seem that way. » Asked Valion.
« We’ll talk about that at a later time. You seem to have other priorities at the moment. Your revenge I assume. »
« I seek no vengeance. I just want to be by her side! Though if killing them is what it takes, then it shall be done. »
The old man sighed; « Oh how I miss my youth… »
« You still have a life ahead of you. Should we escape this place, I’ll make sure you get the best date you could ever dream of! »
A bright smile appeared on Enzeqor’s face; « I’ll take you on your word then. I am counting on you. I am not that much of a flirt anymore. I lost my touch. I’ve been here for decades. »
« So, how are we going to escape this deep valley? » Valion shivers out of nowhere; « Ugh, I just remembered its name… The valley of death, huh? »
« That’s the name, young one. Fortunately, Only the weak die here. You managed to one hit a monster in your disastrous state earlier. Death shall not find its way to you. At the very least, as long as you don’t face the gatekeeper. »
« Oh, that guy… Is he that strong? » Asked Valion.
« I bet you thought Urick was strong. Well, I hate to break it to you, but the gatekeeper is at the very least 10 times stronger if not more » Stated Enzeqor.
Valion was shocked. He couldn’t even begin to fathom how strong the gatekeeper would be if he didn’t manage to deal Urick in the first place. The news devastated him.
« I probably shouldn’t have told you that. » Wondered Enzeqor.
« No, not really. It’s much better. Knowing this gives me a huge load of motivation to work on getting stronger. After all, it’s doomed for me if I don’t win against him. » Said Valion.
« Him? Actually, the gatekeeper is not a human. It’s a demon created by one of Vlad’s sorcerers. »
« A demon?! What? Is that even possible? »
« Yes, Vlad went a bit overkill when it comes to making sure no one escapes this valley. He doesn’t want to risk anyone returning to the capital » Stated Enzeqor.
« Risk? What is he aware of? » Asked Valion.
« If someone were to be banished by Vlad, it would probably be because of knowing things he wouldn’t want to be revealed. He has some dark schemes going on in the background. Even his closest underlings probably don’t know much of what he’s planning. » Responded the old man.
« I see… What do I need to do to get out of here? »
« I understand your rush. Still, we both know that if we were to face the gatekeeper, we wouldn’t make it out unscathed. You have to be patient. I know how to make you stronger. Although You have to bear with what’s to come, Young one. » Stated Enzeqor.
« Okay! What kind of training will I go through? » Asked Valion.
« First of all, you need to understand what magic is. You’re using it out of intuition. Am I wrong? »
« More or less. My late dad taught me some lightning magic. » Valion spaces out of for a moment; « I honestly don’t remember much about him. Though he’s the one who helped me learn magic with godly attributes. » He added.
« There are seven types of magic. At the very least, that’s what the old records stated. They are the following; fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, light and dark. Some types counter the others. For instance, fire magic would be quite weak against the water element. Also, should some magic elements meet, they would create powerful combinations. For example, wind magic enhances fire magic by enraging its flames even more. With time, other magic elements appeared; ice, iron, mold and many others. You happen to have faced a rare type which is curse magic. »
Valion’s attention starts to fade away as the old man speaks about magic elements and how they work. »

[After 15 minutes of the old man talking to himself]

« Getting bored, aren’t we? Is this all the motivation you have?! I am disappointed. » The old man just grinned at Valion.
« I am sorry, I hate going through lectures. I’ve had enough of them from dad. » Said Valion.
« Young one, every information you know will one day be of use to you. That much, I can assure you. You have great potential. Please, don’t waste it because of ignorance. One day, you’ll figure out what I am talking about. » Insisted Enzeqor.
« I admit that I got bored. However, I remember everything you said. Fear not, Old man. »
« I think you might have access to more than one magic type. Have you ever tried casting spells other than lightning ones and of course, enchanting magic? » Asked Enzeqor.
« I never considered that. I haven’t known until now that it’s actually possible. » Stated Valion.
« Follow me, young one. We have some monsters to train against. » Said Enzeqor as he took Valion’s hand and started walking.

To be continued.

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News | What’s happening in Sudan?




I presume that at this point we all know that hell broke loose in our fellow African/Arab country, Sudan. It is quite heart-wrenching, however, to see how much we seem to misunderstand the issue. If it weren’t for those blue profile pictures, most of us would still be in the dark, myself included.

I tried my very best to get a TL;DR version of what’s happening since the issue seems a bit too complicated to get your head around it by reading one single article.

The issues basically started in 2011 when Sudan (which was previously the largest Arab country) decided to split into a Northern and a Southern entity with the former being mainly Mulsim and the latter being Christian and Animist mainly. It’s needless to say that the transition was not smooth since both countries had to not only create a border, but also had to split natural resources. May I bring to your attention that Sudan already went through two major civil wars in 1983 and in 1955.

In the midst of all of this Omar Al-Bashir was in office since 1989 after a military coup that he led to overthrow the former government. During his reign, he was accused of being a war criminal due to many events in the region of Darfur. He was notorious for dictatorship.

That’s the general Sudanese background, the melting pot that hosted the present issues. Well, here comes the classic in every third world country: the economic hurdles Sudan is going through led to the increase of the costs of vital needs to an unbearable extent and people were obliged to protest. The protests were extremely peaceful and had no signs of vandalism.

The protests were lead by the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) and they’re basically a congregation of Doctors, Engineers and Teachers that are trying to make a difference.

Source: BBC

The protests that sparked in December, 2018 were fruitful and ended with Omar Al-Bashir quitting. The people of Sudan were unaware that that was only the beginning of a massacre.

The country needed someone to be in charge temporarily, and that’s how the military ruled over Sudan. General Mohamed Hamdan Hemeti Dagolo is now the leader of Sudan. The protestors had hope since this government promised to be a bridge to democracy and a new Sudan, they were mistaken.

The military council continued to hold its grip on the country and seemed to have no intentions of giving Sudan the democracy it struggled to get. The SPA did not stand still and called for a general strike along with the unending protests on the streets. The communication between the current militay council and the SPA failed terribly and it led to a catastrophe.

Credits: Al Jazeera

The military council chose to silence those peaceful protests with militia attacks against unarmed protestors. People were not only getting massacred one protest camp after another, but some bodies were found ditched in the Nile. Endless injuries, rapes, arrests… A lot of people are still missing. Here’s a list that sums it:

  • 500 Killed
  • 723 Injured
  • 650 Arrested
  • 54 Raped
  • 1000 Missing
  • 118 Bodies found in the Nile

The SPA is still encouraging people to hold the line and keep fighting, and it’s reassuring to see that Sudan is going in that direction. The government is trying its best to cut every sort of telecommunication. We cannot know what’s happening in Sudan currently since the internet and phone services were cut off.

We are unable to tell what’s happening in Sudan due to this brutal isolation, people are held captive in their own country.

Moday, June 3rd, 2019

The people of Sudan that live abroad are starting a campaign to raise awareness through the indigo profile pictures. The color was not chosen randomly, it was Mohammed Mattar’s favorite color, he was one of the first victims of this massacre.

A picture of Mohamed Mattar.

It is our duty as fellow human beings to try to spread the news of what’s happening. Humanity is slowly deteriorating as we witness such acts of cruelty and fail to improve things. Things in Sudan will ievitably improve since peope seem to be aware and strong. Nothing can stop those who stand together as one.








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