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IntilaQ Data Science Academy, building Tunisia’s A.I. Talents!



Artificial Intelligence is the next current big thing, period! No wonder that every website, app, or product is mentioning Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) as the secret ingredient in their recipe for success. At a glance, it looks like everything is becoming fueled by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms.

If you’ve been following the news, you’ve probably came across the hot debate between the two bold-faced Silicon Valley names, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg on whether or not we should be careful of where this is taking us. The thing that no matter on which side you are, no one can deny the fact that this hot trend has already drastically changed the job market and is continuing to make a splash in the hiring world. 

That’s not surprising, considering A.I. is influencing all sorts of areas, from web search results to phone security and even our response to climate change. In a recent report, IBM estimated that the number of of positions for data science in the United States will rise to reach 2.7 million by 2020.


Data Science Academy, building the A.I. talent ! 

We, at IntilaQ, believe in the potential of data science and the importance of creating a generation of data scientists ready to tackle and solve tomorrow’s challenges.

In a Live Q&A session, the team behind the Data Science Academy Training Program answered the question on how it started. The idea came following a survey launched by IntilaQ for insights about the IT industry in Tunisia in attempt to identify the most needed technical skills. Results out, ‘Data Science’ came in first beating other highly-demanded IT-related skills in Tunisia.

Bassem Bouguerra, IntilaQ’s CEO, mentioned that this was not surprising considering that Data Science and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning techniques are trending world-wide.

A Data Science Traning Program was then put together in order to mold and train the next generation of Tunisian Data Scientists.


Data Science Academy, what is ? 

IntilaQ Data Science Academy is an intensive free-of-charge 4 months training program. The program combines both theory and practical knowledge in Data Science-related skills with the goal of creating a junior Data Science profile by the end of the training period.

The program is put together in collaboration with Tunisian-based IT companies partnering with IntilaQ, and is designed to outline and include the needed skills to start a professional career in Data Science.

A typical training day includes a morning session that starts at 9am and last 3 to 4 hours in which participants will learn statistical, machine learning and deep learning methods, optimization and computing. An afternoon session will then offer the chance to apply classroom examples using real data and answering concrete business questions from the perspectives of different industries.

Modules covered by the program include :

  • Introduction to A.I and Data Science,
  • Prerequisites to cover the fundamental mathematical concepts (such as Calculus, Linear Algebra, etc.) as well as programming skills,
  • Data Preparation,
  • Machine Learning, and
  • Deep Learning.

There will be a mentor for each module and 2 full time teacher assistants ready to answer the students’ questions.

By the end of the training, students will be working on a final project in which they will get the chance to combine all the knowledge they gained during the program in order to solve real world cases projects using real data.

Details about the program content as well as mentors and partners collaborating to design the course can be found on the official program website:


Another online MOOC degree ? 

IntilaQ Data Science Academy is not an online program. It is an on-campus course and presence is mandatory during the program period taking place from May 21st, 2018 to September 7th, 2018.

The program will take place at LEVEL 1, a coworking space located in Lac 1, Tunis. The aim is to encourage collaborative learning process, interacting with each other and to benefit from the physical presence of mentors and teacher assistants to answer questions and guide students through the program.


Who can apply for IntilaQ Data Science Academy? 

When asked about who can apply for this program, IntilaQ’s team mentioned that the ideal profile is someone with a good mathematical background. However, the program is open to anyone who’s interested, to further include IT engineers and developers.

The program is set with the aim to assist those who are still looking for a job as well as those already in position but are aiming for a career shift towards Data Science.
As for concerning current university students; though the program does not exclude them but the timeline might make it impossible for them to participate.


Application process and key dates ?

To apply for the program, a candidate needs to :
1. Fill and submit an application form on the program official website.
2. Take 4 evaluation tests that are to be found on the program’s website. The program provides online material to well prepare for the evaluation tests.

The deadline to complete the two above-mentioned actions is May 2nd, 2018. An initial selection will take place and pre-selected students will be invited for an interview to further demonstrate motivation about joining the program.

Finalists will then be reached out and the program will start on May 21st, 2018.


Further details about the program as well as the application process can be found on the official website :


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بيت الحكمة : تفاصيل هدم شعار البايات بالواجهة الأمامية



على ضوء خبر هدم الواجهة الأمامية للمجمع التونسي للعلوم والآداب والفنون المعروف باسم « بيت الحكمة »، اجتاحت حملة استنكار لهذه الحادثة وسائل الإعلام ومواقع التواصل الاجتماعي، خاصة وأن المبنى يحمل جزء من تاريخ الجمهورية التونسية.

وأفاد معز الحميدي، مدير المصالح المشتركة بالمجمع، لجريدة المغرب بما يلي :

«في ظل ظهور مؤشرات منذ مدة طويلة على تداعي واجهة بيت الحكمة للسقوط، كنا أمام خيارين لا ثالث لهما، إما الانطلاق بصفة فورية في أشغال الترميم وإما الوقوف وقفة المتفرج إلى حين حدوث ما لا تحمد عقباه! طبعا اخترنا التدخل قبل فوات الأوان، فاستعنا بالخبراء والمختصين واستشرنا المعهد الوطني للتراث، فكانت كل التقارير تفيد بضرورة الترميم لأن في الأمر خطورة على سلامة موظفي بيت الحكمة والرواد والضيوف .. ودون الدخول في التفاصيل التقنية الدقيقة، فإن الواجهة المصنوعة من مادة الجبس لا تستجيب لمحاولة الإصلاح دون التدخل بالهدم. ولكنها ستعود كما كانت عليه بعد حوالي 10 أيام من انطلاق أشغال التهيئة والترميم. وقد زارنا أبناء البايات واطلعوا على الأشغال على عين المكان وتفهموا حقيقة الأمر بعيدا عن صيحات المبالغة والتهويل».

و من جهته أعرب المعهد الوطني للتراث من خلال بيان أصدره عن موقفه من الحادثة يوم 19 مارس 2019 و إليكم نص البيان :

البيان الرسمي للمعهد الوطني للتراث على صفحته الرسمية بموقع فايسبوك

كما قامت وزارة الشؤون الثقافية بنشر البلاغ نفسه مؤكدة على موقف المعهد الوطني للتراث من الحادثة :

البيان الرسمي لوزارة الشؤون الثقافية على صفحتها الرسمية بموقع فايسبوك

المصادر :

الموقع الإلكتروني لجريدة المغرب :

الصفحة الرسمية للمعهد الوطني للتراث :

الصفحة الرسمية لوزارة الشؤون الثقافية :

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